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Are you just casually streaming an event for friends here or there and are hoping for a little quality of life improvements and cheeky graphics?

Maybe you are looking for a customizable solution that lets you bring a professional broadcast to your viewership?

How does both sound to you?

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"Thank you, it went amazingly. I'm really impressed with this product more than any I have dealt with previously to be honest."


"People are loving the timing tower. I have been using it during qualifying, just need penalties then I will use it in the race lol"

Steve Proudley

"In all fairness, an application I’d happy subscribe to as it meets our community need"



"Oh my word this is really something good"


“I am very satisfied with the tool and use it for every broadcast.”

I like the fact that Niklas often writes to me to ask if everything is OK and if everything went well. I feel well looked after and don’t have any “fear” that I might be disturbed with a request. I haven’t had any serious difficulties yet.
At least nothing that a quick restart of the software could fix easily. Keep up the good work 🙂

“Fantastic Work, thumbs up”

Wow. Really good work. The amount of infos just within the user manual is absolutely gigantic.

Really fantastic work, thumbs up. You just have to praise that.

You application is a GOLD Mine…

I mean its fantastic and I just looked at a few seconds. Very clear information and so much of it too!

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